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Week 30 January 9 - 13

This blog is being written March 31st. Memories.

This week was full of poofety poofness, pantomiming, vocalized chatAI responses, logistics time for a kilikili show, and another Tenam original play called "The pig and the wallflower."

Monday January 9th

Title: colorful poofs

Instructions: Christian discovers poofs. Lexi makes poof sounds.

Why? I bought all these colorful poofs thinking I was going to have more arts and craft scenarios where they might be needed, but they just sit waiting for random moments where I may need one. Wanted to give them their own show.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Made a poof hat with which to play. I believe we imagined him as existing in a void of nothingness before he discovers such poofs.

Performance Write Up: I recall mistakenly looking away to adjust something in the middle of this performance which caused me to miss the initial poof movement moment. Bummer that the start flopped, but had a hilarious time endlessly making poof sounds after the fact. Christian is such a talented performer. He told me after the performance how he imbued each color of poof with different emotional spaces. There are so many lenses through which to see.

View on Youtube---->

Tuesday January 10th

Title: throwing

Instructions: Lexi writes on whiteboard something to pantomime throw. Christian provides didgeridoo soundtrack.

Why? I don't remember why. Maybe initially I wanted to throw actual things. I think that was the case. To throw is to send forth. To throw is to move through space and time. On the nature of gravity.

Rehearsal: Christian gave me some tips about generous eye movement for the sake of conveying with more strength.

Performance Write Up: This performance was intimidating in that it utilizes a skill set I have not attempted to hone in any way, and the only real rehearsal I did for any of "the thrown" was the 2 min session prior to performing. I'm sure with lots of intentional practice and carefully selected items, this could be more accurate and engaging.

Getting to synchronize live movement with live sound is always a good idea. Eyes allow for beautifully coordinated improvisation.

View on Youtube---->>

Wednesday January 11th

Title: poor pick pocketing brits

Instructions: Get the Chatbot AI thing to write a 15min play about poor pick pocketing brits.

Why? a random discussion about poor pick pocketing brits which took place at Kate Sessions Park with a man named Axel.

Rehearsal: ChatAI was not down to write the performance. I had to prompt it multiple times, changing my wording, until it eventually began to write a story. I attempted to get it to elongate its story, but struggled. After those few failed attempts, I thought it would be funny to tell the tale of the ChatAI's programmed moral functions by just reading our entire dialogue. Then, I thought it more entertaining that I should also be singing and playing guitar. This project has been back and forth opinions about why or why not make something more or less "entertaining."

Performance Write Up: Had fun. I always say as a performer, if you're having fun, they're probably having fun, since the performer is the vessel. I think Tony, Janelle, and shark guy dinosaur were there, and they had fun.

Thursday January 12th

Title: Kilikili February show planning

Instructions: Attempt to plan an outline for the Kilikili show in February.

Why? Seemed like a process people might be interested in viewing, like the Baby Bushka prop setup that took place in "sacrifice."

Rehearsal Notes: set up mic, made a google doc, rocked out.

Performance Write Up: A good chunk of people were there, and I felt embarrassed as per ushe whenever I question the validity of a performance. That's the whole point, Lexi. Everything is art. To balance the influence of the outside with the grounding of the inside. I was tobacco flavor B.S. vaping at this time, and brought a vape to the performance. It functions as a token of the stereotypical, artist as masochist.

View on Youtube --->>

Friday January 13

Title: The pig and the wallflower

Instructions: Tell the story of the dream.

Why? I had this dream. It was one of those dreams for all 5 senses.

Rehearsal: Sergey came to the Thursday performance. A chunk of people I didn't know were there, so I announced tomorrow's performance would be a play. Sergey introduced himself to me. It was a grand introduction. He spoke about the 10AM series as if drinking from the same well as me at the start of this project.

Made the pig mask that afternoon after having lunch with Wen. Sergey met me in the evening to work on the rest of costumes, set design, and backing track. He brought his cousin's fog machine. We were supposed to work more efficiently and finish by 11:30. Sergey says we exported the track at 1:18AM.

Performance Write Up: James didn't capture the shot he was supposed to capture of me in front of the studio. He would be disheartened to know this is my opening statement for the performance write up. (((lol))) Also, I had written the instructions out on a board with Michelle. The process, however, was rushed as well as Sergey's arrival I believe close to 950. He was supposed to bring something to act as the IV bag as well, and he forgot. I fashioned that janky IV bag concept in probably 50 seconds out of sheer, unhinged necessity.

Since the process was rushed, I surprisingly saw Michelle coming on stage much sooner than I had initially directed in accordance with the track. This put me off at first, but I almost immediately returned to knowing mistakes are just performance fate twisting your leg.

I had a great time laying on the ground in the sun. Sergey's job, to be the most beautiful flower, was done successfully. Michelle's wiggly butt is a brilliant sight to behold.

This dream was really powerful for my emotional spaces. I legitimately sobbed at the end. Is it method acting if the character is you?

View on Youtube----->

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