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Symposium Church of Art: What is Goodness?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

This was such a beautiful experience to have with everyone. I love these topics of creation, balance, goodness, and all the interconnectedness. There was laughter and great seriousness. I am so grateful. We made 3 pieces happen within the larger piece of experience as well as sang together for a bit. Click all these things, and you can listen to/read about what we got up to!



Piece #1

  • to say your own name and hear it

  • to create with mirrors and perspective

Piece #2

  • To balance

  • To hear your own voice speak of goodness

  • To hear others' voices speak of goodness

Piece #3

  • To practice knowing into questioning

pdf outline of the piece

Symposium Church of Art (1)
Download PDF • 38KB

Audio from the day


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