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Week 53 One Year June 19 - 20

Natasha Kozaily, Nancy Ross, Katie Berns, Ian Harland, and Sergey Kolivayko all arrived before me on June 20th to set up decorations around the studio celebrating the 1 year anniversary of 10AM shows. Janelle, Lia, Shark Guy, Leslie all met with me around 9am to receive instructions and paint their faces. Melanie arrived shortly thereafter with a bass in hand and the spirit of Carl to don his costume. I was hopeful and fearful, without a much needed 1/4 in cable.

It is now November 28th 2023 when I am deciding I need to finish this project and post this blog. Some words that come to mind

Gratitude - vessel - egotistical - soul - on display - community - shame - pride - disorienting - the portal to now - reverence - friendship - power - powerlessness - grit - belief - doubt - love - hate - fire - chaos - organization - heart - the predator - drive - humility - attention - the mirror Thank you, sorry.

Monday June 19th

Title: "PAUSE"

Instructions: Think of a task to do. Do it. Once complete, pause to imagine the next task. Repeat until 15 minutes have passed.

Why? Tenam will pause shows. Just a prompt by the word itself.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I have somewhere a voice memo from the drive over of me conceptualizing an idea of working with the "Everything is art" sign as well as half-ass warming up out of the concern the piece would contain a vocal element.

Performance Write Up: How can human inspiration fail? Nothing is not art. In the spirit of soul challenge, any decision to put focus on completing a task is worth its weight in reverence.

View on youtube here-->>

Monday June 20th

Title: "Carl" Feat Lexi Pulido, Melanie Medina, Shark Guy Dinosaur, Lia Trageser, Leslie Fisher, and Janelle Dyan Cataldo

Instructions: Perform scenes inspired by Carl the Caterpillar (the colorful, plastic caterpillar opening video on all the youtube uploads.

Why? The most important and obvious tribute.

Rehearsal Discoveries: It was suggested to me by a few that Carl should become a butterfly in the end. I objected, stating Carl is like Sisyphus.

I sewed and painted the eyeballs and caterpillar outfit the day before, if not weekend before with help from Katie and Nancy. Melanie Medina's instrumental talented needed to be highlighted, so I requested from her a funky bass line.

Performance Write Up: I am so grateful to these women and Shark Guy Dinosaur who have consistently shown up for me and this project. The power of ambiguity moved through this piece amidst the fog machine, blinking eyes, ASMR lettuce eating, and a child following a suspended, plastic caterpillar.

View on youtube here-->>

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