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Week 17 October 10 - 14

This week, Lexi was out of town. Batya danced with her very expensive violin, Nancy put shoes on her hands, Katie and Amanda slapped the shit out of each other, and Sean pumped his heart machine for the world.

Monday October 10th

Title: “Dancing with Horse Hair, Metal and Wood" Feat Batya Macadam-Somer

Batya did just that. Read her reflection here ---->

Dancing with Horse Hair, Metal and Wood
Download PDF • 30KB

View on youtube ----->

Tuesday October 11th

Title: “Shoes on Hands”

NO VIDEO - need to get info from nancy

I was out of town, and Nancy didn't see where the Gopro was. She assumed she didn't need to take a video or document. Bummer. lol. Still very grateful she took over.

In her report to me of the event, Nancy Ross and Lucy Ray were French fashion designers. while Severin Stevenson was a mannequin in a dance belt. Nancy and Lucy bickered over which clothing line was best with which to dress Sevy.

They decided on a wedding line, and Lucy became part of it. With Sevy in a wedding dress, and Lucy in a suit, they fell in love. Nancy became minister to marry the two of them.

All the while, Severin played the role of mannequin well, falling over occasionally when the supports were not present, fully committed to representing an inanimate form.

Originally, Nancy was going to come in and ask Lucy how she could marry a mannequin, but during the performance, she had a change of heart.

Wednesday October 12th

Title: “something about anger” Feat Katie Berns and Amanda

Katie and Amanda slapped one another. It began with smiling faces. Bits of gritted teeth made way and the expression of pain became visual. The dance was rhythmic, and their pacing influenced one another. Part of the rhythm included the resting of their hands back on their own thighs after the slap. The pinkish hue began to show on Amanda's face, since her slapped cheek was camera-side. Katie's legs are more closed to the inside, and Amanda's legs are open to hers for their arms to make the distance. As their pacing causes them to shift weight, the sound of the chairs squeakily rocking along the rug and stage becomes part of the rhythmic flow. They did this for 7 minutes. The two of them look one another in the eyes. Gazing is such reverence and space of the unknown.

They expose their faces in full to the audience. They are both flushed on their slapped side, but Katie's lighter pigmentation presents a more distinguished purple-red.

They turn away, a stark contrast to their previous onlooking gazes. Katie begins to write messages on sticky note pads she puts on Amanda. Some can be deciphered in the video to say things like ""It's easier to leave," "Fuck shit," "no," and "bitch."

Amanda reads the messages out loud. Amanda reacts to these messages, and is it true? This performance contains layers of both acting and authentic, transformative ritual. Where is the dividing line drawn for Amanda and Katie, and where do we, as audience draw the line? Wherever it lies, this piece hits hard with passion and evocation.

Thursday October 13th

Title: “Chicken at Sea”

Jennifer and Jenna are your classic tv hosts filming the "hottest, sickest, tiktok instagram around." They are in it for the likes and the follows. They are going to put a chicken at sea. Christopher is their trusty technician ready for the sea. Chicken is an excellent chicken. Chicken looks a lot like Jennifer. Grandpa is looking for a chance to meet some ladies and get some attention. Christopher's name is now Greff. It's time for a commercial break. A runner passes by. Grandpa and chicken are now on a boat. They are able to have a thorough conversation about bingo and the chicken can play ukulele. Gramps has a hammer ready. Oh, he lost the hammer.

Chicken sings the most beautiful song you would ever hear a chicken sing. The intro is brilliant. The chicken is either an alto or a mezzo. The situation is all too sentimental to go viral. Jenna requests more drama. The drama comes. Indeed, the drama does come. Watch the whole thing and find out!

A major turn of events does also occur, where Sevy or Chris, or Greff closes down the studio for a 10:10 takeover. The plan is to perform 2 minute pieces. There is a battle of art between Sevchrisgreff and the Jennafer's. The meta is spectacular. I think they're looking at me. All in all, Lucy, Nancy, and Sevy are comedic geniuses and phenomenal dramatic improvisers with such a beautiful combination of skillsets that allow for this performance to be an extremely entertaining showcase of talent.

Friday October 14th

Title: "Heart Machine" Feat. Sean Francis Conway

Sean played harmonium and sang. It's impossible to witness a musical performance by Sean and not be moved. his voice is earnest, humble, and provocative, as that of a spell caster opening portals in time. His musicality is grand and full of vigor. His expression ignites fire in the dark forests of hearts, then wipes the ash from the faces of the once cold, inner children within all of us. "Heart Machine" strikes as a sounding act of fullness and urgency. Also, some trippy vibrato took place at the end that I was unaware could be produced by harmoniums. It felt like a warning or a trembling to follow the quaking shake of time that was his performance.

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