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Week 19 October 24-28th

Monday October 24th

Title: “Through the Veil” Feat Berglind Tómasdóttir and Batya Macadam-Somer

Berglind and Batya improvised music through the sliding glass doors at 3214 Adams Ave. The title was inspired by the forthcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday. Batya described that energetic space as invitational of the taboo. Some themes the two discussed were communing with ancestors, subterranean, the inner sounds, breathing, and crying. Berglind shared how her mother's passing brought about feelings of frozenness.

View on Youtube ------>

Tuesday October 25th

Title: “Two Clowns One Pup”

Feat. Ella the Clown

Puppeteering, sneering, jeering, playful, corny, sweet, and all things "woohoo." Dance parties, naps, surprises, chastising, jealousy, coddling, selfishness, and delight.

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Wednesday October 26th

Title:“WOW Upside Down”

Instructions: Take Wow and flip it upside down. Write music for your mother for her birthday.

Why? It's my mom's birthday. I love her.

Rehearsal discoveries: A large representation of the word WOW seems fitting. I started with the idea of hanging it from the ceiling, then decided to just cover the screen door with paper again like in 49 29 and thank you, sorry. It seems like a lot to get done in 15 minutes.

Performance write up: Writing music is typically a cathartic and playful experience. Creating anything is a process of cloning to gaze at oneself, and being witnessed by others while songwriting involves a different, yet similar awareness of a gaze. Having a time constraint brought about the inevitable "say yes to maintain flow" mindset. It's nice getting to witness my lackadaisical songwriting style. I can either be hypercritical or gestural with melodic crafting, and I erred on the gestural side for this because of the time constraint. I felt I was at a good pace up until the few minutes of lyrical skepticism which blocked my process, causing me to go over time in order to complete the performance in the imagined way (this moment can be found at about 16min into the youtube video). I also attribute this moment of block to being post sick and feeling less aware. I don't like breaking the 15min performance concept "rule." This, in itself is such an interesting concept to explore, but I will not.

View on Youtube --------->

Thursday October 27th

Title: “Here, There”

Feat. Katie Berns

This performance shook the audience, churning out a sea of vast longing onto the pavement outside the doors of Tenam and into the minds of all those present. It was one of the most melancholic, gorgeous works to take place at Tenam and the first to involve ASMR. Katie asked to be mic'd without a headset and for the mic to not be visible, causing us to come up with the idea of maxing out the gain and putting the speaker outside with the doors to the inside closed off. The mic has an on/off switch. We were able to utilize this switch to prevent feedback when the door was open.

View on Youtube ----->

Friday October 28th

Title: “Luggage"

Feat. Lexi Pulido and Peter Lee

Initially, I was just going to dance with luggage, but luckily, I reeled Peter into it!

View on Youtube --->

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