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Week 21 November 7 - 11

A beautiful week of friends and memories.

Monday November 7th


Tuesday November 8th

Title:“Overand Andover”

Instructions: Create a 4 sides of the body movement cycle and gradually articulate further and deeper at each cycle.

Why? I enjoy repetitive motion pieces. The title was interesting. Intuitive movement is awesome!

Rehearsal discoveries: Planned the general idea of each movement while looking in the mirror.

Performance write up: All these performances are so laughable due to the absurdity of the project as a whole and the window element. Dennis, a Frank Sinatra inspired singer extraordinaire, was the sole person in attendance. I relate to him through the jazz scene. Dennis as audience affected my performance in the way his presence brought thoughts of contextual difference to mind. Jazz music is a hot art form, highly engaging, highly creative, highly virtuosic, and of course, slow motion development of repetitive movement is a pretty cold form of art. These contrasting relationships of context created a thin layer of identity awkwardness for both Dennis and me. After the performance, he mentioned how he felt unsure whether he should stay. He imagined the piece might have been intended as something to "walk by" as opposed to "watch for the full 15min duration."

Well so let me riff a little on identity and performance. There are many questions such as "What does this performance say about who I am?" and "What are the implications of how this performance might affect my relationship to others?" Quality and content are the backbone of performer identity. As a songwriter, I have chosen to use the actual names of others and speak about controversial topics like feminism, masochism, being a slut, questioning truth and proclaiming maniacal thoughts. This piece, "Overand Andover," being cold and slow, doesn't proclaim or seek to interrupt the lives and thoughts of others by testing the boundaries of acceptability beyond the window element absurdity.

Also, it got pretty sweaty for me. Sweat is the body's catharsis. To light a fire within. It's nice. It's healing. Even if it was kind of awkward for me and Dennis. The awkward space is important to spend time with. Sweat and awkward.

View on Youtube --->

Wednesday November 9th

Title:“Rupture” Feat. Sean Hicke and Lexi Pulido

Instructions: improvise voice and bass

Why? We had a rehearsal after Tenam that day

Rehearsal discoveries: Briefly mentioned/vibed on the title's meaning

Performance write up: I am writing about this on Jan 29th 2023 because I put it off THIS LONG. I recall feeling a bit tired, but excited about the endeavor of improvising with someone as talented as Sean. These spaces can feel intimidating if you let them. I emphasized explorative enjoyment. I think I am most insecure about my listening skills and recall the light worry that I needed to listen more and assert less. The funny part is the concept of right or wrong existing in what is a good musical conversation. If music is to represent life and breathe similarly to our everyday life dialogue, then music may involve terrible conversation, difficult conversation, navigating egos, dancing mutually or sometimes even parasitically. What we know is cause and effect, and how much control do you want in the result? How much control do you want to release?

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Thursday November 10th

Title:“Metal & Metal” Featuring Katie Berns and Leslie Fisher

We didn't say much at all. Watch the video! Very interesting how much more can be done with complex items like bikes.

View on Youtube ---->

Friday November 11th

Title: “VESSEL" Feat. Katie Berns

Katie played boat sounds and positioned herself in various boat-like positions. She told me the day before how that's all she felt like doing. It was something she was called to do. These embodiment pieces are so rad and spiritually fulfilling in my opinion. I'm not sure how she felt about it.

View on Youtube ----->

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