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Week 24 November 28 - December 2

pull design out of thin air - concept what does it mean to make a promise, live by it no matter what it does to you. relationship with our purpose - push themselves too far suffering for your art Monday November 28

Title:“Velcro” Instructions: Velcro

Why? I have velcro, and I am sick Rehearsal discoveries: Too sick to set up some kind of ASMR experience for people like I had imagined. Alas, velcro will happen.

Performance write up: The plan was to interact with the velcro then velcro as many objects together as possible. I was able to velcro a salt shaker, garlic, a frothing blender, a guinea pig cardboard cutout, an LP hand shaker, the 2 corks from champagne bottles celebrating the first concert at tenam and the 1st 10AM performances, and a guitar thigh cushion together. I velcro'ed some blocks of wood together, and attached the drooping clock prop (the one I regretfully lost track of for the street fair performance Discipline enables Freedom) to the accordion chair, and my laptop charger onto the ceiling. This type of random performances serves to highlight the general life truth that "you can do anything you want."

View on Youtube ---->

Tuesday November 29

Title:“LP's Bgeeze”

Instructions: Host a cooking show. Say "geeze" a lot. Layer on existential dread.

Why? Cooking show concept seems worth trying. Funny to layer on existential dread.

Rehearsal discoveries: Set up the hot plate. Feel sick. I was sick. I am writing this Jan 31 2023

Performance write up: Watching this back, I was pretty sick. I just spoke and forgot to use the word "geeze."

View on Youtube --->

Wednesday November 30

Title:“cheetah plays guitar"

Instructions: this was supposed to be "run like a gazelle" or Fanatics or something, but I was sick and didn't feel like running, so I played guitar.

Why? something to do. We could, of course dig deeper.

Rehearsal discoveries: I'm cold and haven't played guitar for real in months it feels like, and instead of warming up my hands, I painted a cheetah mask.

Performance write up: I am writing this Jan 31st 2023. I remember being so bummed about how bad my guitar playing was that I texted Robyko "sorry" they had to hear it. I realize there is a way to live shamelessly. It helps when you have nothing to be ashamed of. I reluctantly post this video onto the internet. Don't look. Do whatever you want, though.

View on Youtube --->

Thursday December 1

Title:“looped stylophone"

I am writing about this on Jan 31, 2023.

I really don't remember if this took place on Dec 1 or Nov 30th. Either way, the plans got changed because I was sick. One of these days was supposed to be a rehearsal with Nancy and Natasha, but Natasha was sick, too from this long, weird cold thing that was going around.

View on Youtube --->

Friday December 2

Title: “better in 3's" Why? So initially, I just thought it would be great to get two more people on this fine Friday, and I knew Michelle Arneson would be coming by. Once I realized I would be working with one other person, the cardboard dude came into play. The why is about memorializing this concept below.

Rehearsal Discoveries: a grand piece of wisdom I have had the pleasure of hearing over and over in my head, coming out of my mouth, or repeated back to me, is this venn diagram

so we came up with some instructions together, and I believe I made the cut out the morning of, using leftover hearts from "the fish who seeks to become gonads"

Instructions: "Me" and "You" have issues. "The relationship" as a separate entity slowly unfolds to present a mirror to "Me." "Me" avoids the mirror. Upon looking at the mirror, "the relationship" gives "me" a pen and paper. "Me" writes a deep, communication of emotions/desire onto the paper that would reveal the issue at hand. "Me" folds the paper into an airplane, hands off to "the relationship," then "the relationship" flies it into the heart of "you." The three of them feel better together.

Performance write up: Of course, I made that letter personal. I later went to grab it and could not find it to remember exactly what it said. I think it was something like, "All you had to do was take me on a plane, fly me anywhere, and I would have been eternally yours."

I love Michelle, and I'm so delighted to share these moments with her.

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