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Week 28 December 26 - 30

Monday December 26

Title: Movement for movement's sake

Instructions: move

Why? How many sakes do we need

Rehearsal Discoveries: Probably going to take the sweater off.

Performance Write Up: Useful to have a sweater.

Youtube Link -->>>

Tuesday December 27

Title: shaving cream

Instructions: put shaving cream on window. Draw shapes

Why? When I was in elementary school, shaving cream on school desks was a class favorite. The concept of using the door as canvas for shaving cream seemed pretty sweet

Rehearsal: got the shaving cream at the rite aid on Adams. Hoped one can to be enough

Performance Write Up: Initially I wanted to focus on geometric shapes, but the tactile experience of playing with shaving cream hijacked the performance mentality, driving it toward the land of the visceral.

Wednesday December 28

Title: 12tet Feat. Ian Craft

Instructions: Ian began by playing the harmonium. He then worked on tuning it.

Youtube Link -->>

Thursday December 29

Title: decadence

Instructions: Sing to and about the penis pinecone sculpture

Why? Michelle and Scooter came the night before to work on this phallic pinecone sculpture made of hot glue and pinecones. We made it for the soul challenge elements of the decadence party I was going to throw at my house that night.

Rehearsal Notes: I felt slightly under the weather that day, worried about the party happening. I was overwhelmed because I had yet to make preparations for the event performance wise and food wise. I am not sure what my intention was, but likely it was a prayer/blessing to the pinecone phallus in free vocal form.

Performance Write Up: I think some people came to this. I am writing about it March 31st. I remember feeling slightly awkward about the phallic pinecone arrangement. Wondering if anyone knew what it was. It’s still a pretty ambiguous shape. I remember not feeling sure about what exactly I was doing.

Youtube Link -->>>

Friday December 30

Title: post decadence

Instructions: Vince tells the story of the decadence party. Lexi responds with vocal sounds embodying the essence of statements made by Vince.

Why? Had a party the night before called Decadence where those in attendance performed pieces inspired by decadence.

Rehearsal: Pretty much conceptualized this on the drive over, plugged in audio set up and went for it.

Performance Write Up: I was so tired, as can be seen.

Youtube Link -->>>

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