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Week 33 January 30 - February 3

Monday January 30th

Title: Water Drinking

Instructions: Drink water. Offer water to those around.

Why? Communal quenching. An intent. Cleansing.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Grabbed a chunk of plastic water bottles in the garage.

Performance Write Up: I'm interested in the difference of expression taking place from when I was alone drinking water to when Leslie Fisher showed up to drink water with me. She had some water then needed to blow her nose. I laughed because the water brought that out in me as well. What a life.

The effects of this performance include feeling more balanced and energized, detoxification, meditative peace, and goofy laughter at the concept.

View on Youtube---->

Tuesday January 31st

Title: Again with the white boards

Instructions: Compose harmony to the melody for future song, "whiteboards".

Why? It must be done. The melody haunts me, waiting for harmony.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Set up keyboard at 10am, realize the original set up was with the guitar. Go with it. Whatever.

Performance Write up: A harmony lesson is mildly entertaining. Janelle mentioned how she felt like she was learning something and I felt bad for making her feel that way. I guess it was my goal to be pure entertainment, not a lesson. Didn't realize that was my goal, maybe it shouldn't be. Who cares?

Wednesday February 1st

Title: "Everything is Fart"

Instructions: Loop fart sounds.

Why? the pun. to take things very silliously.

Rehearsal Discoveries: not a lot of pitch variation in armpit farts available to me and my skillset, so using mouth fart sounds should be more dynamic

Performance Write Up: Yes. Joyful day. 7 friends outside, I believe. I mentioned to everyone how the armpit farts changed as I got sweatier. That was delightful exploration. It would be great to line up many types of armpits and compare. That could be delightful. Of course, breath control and lip control was helpful. I can only imagine what it would have been like if I actually practiced!

Thursday February 2nd


Title: "Beauty Smells"

Instructions: Tell the story of a beauty who smells.

Why? Didn't want to go through the ordeal of gathering items to smell as originally planned and setting them up for an unknown amount of audience to smell as well. Figured improvised storytelling is hilarious and full of possibility.

Rehearsal Discoveries: While drinking morning coffee, I imagined I would tell the story of a beauty who went on a journey to figure out how to smell. I thought she would go out to smell as many things as possible and that she would run into a wise elder who would give her instructions to smell such as holding the belly of a goat. Patting/stroking the belly of a goat is a concept I have been exploring this week in regard to making art with god, so I was excited to incorporate the theme into this random story.

Performance Write Up: My story backfired due to nerves which derailed my outline. I ended up remembering goat as a concept too early before the elder, then re-imagining its placement.

I decided since it was just going to be an audio telling and all I was doing was sitting with a microphone, that I would just audio record this performance for documentation purposes. It's pretty hilariously dumb, and I thought I was getting at some other thing when I started mentioning the ideas of smelling "fear" or "fishy." However, these ideas ended up underdeveloped, and the story as a whole is just so random. It's definitely engaging for the sake of imagination practice!

Friday February 3rd

Written by Michelle Arneson

Title: Machito Tomando un Vinito ft. Michelle Arneson and Lexi Pulido

Instructions: Play the music of Machito from the album Kenya 2000. Prolong a toast to the music, having consumed one glass of wine each by the end of the performance.

Why? We were working together last week and wanted to set the intention of further exploring Latin Jazz from this musical era. There was a moment in which we mirrored one another's wine glasses and simply put: boom. We determined what this performance should consist of.

Rehearsal Discoveries: There was none! Only casual enthusiasm for the spontaneity.

*Michelle drank one 10oz glass of electrolytes before arriving. Lexi had a proper bowl of oatmeal and berries before arriving.

Performance Write up: Audience members were smiling throughout the piece and although it was slow-moving and potentially dry, the whole point was to expose folks to the music of Machito. #MachitoPropoganda. One woman said this music energized her morning, while others joked about starting the day off with wine-- overall it was sweet to gather around music and vino. Salud!

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