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Week 36 February 20 - 24

This was the week of the Kilikili show at Bread and Salt with SDMAAC peeps curating. It began with a refute of the tenam slogan, "everything is art," followed by a foot play written by CHATGPT, some comedic ironic by James Connolly, a transformation with lines and bars, and finally, a janky painting.

Monday February 20th

Title: "Nothing is art"

Instructions: List anything, saying it is not art.

Why? Have been feeling the presence of this statement.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Usually on these thought-based performance exercises, I make the decision not to plan. On the drive over, there was a plastic bag flying around on the freeway. It was so graceful and glorious. I did plan to mention that bag in the piece.

Performance Write Up: People laughed, and it became funny. I personally felt a more real darkness in the humor because of the statement's haunting presence in my life. This sensation eased as the thought exercise became a task through which to connect and share.

In the discussion following the performance, we addressed how the performance disproved itself. The more you negate something, the more you question the negations' validity. A constant train of the same statement transforms it and toys with it. The performance itself was a rollercoaster of imagination, searching for ideas and descriptions, ultimately creating art. The conclusion for many was that actually, everything is art.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday February 21st

Title: "Footsie"

Instructions: Perform a foot-puppet play.

Why? I was moving my foot and thought, "That's nice."

Rehearsal Discoveries: I didn't make time to write a play, so I had the chatbot AI write a play. I also didn't make time to create costumes, so I drew with sharpie on my feet. The plot I had the chatbot design was inspired by images from Gulliver's Travels and The Road to El Dorado.

Performance Write Up: I planned poorly and could not reach certain objects once my feet were through the curtain, such as my phone to see what time it was and the pipe cleaners to create the robot character. Pipe cleaners also could have functioned as quick-makeshift swords, and that would have been cool. I was rushing quite a bit. When I didn't know what to do with the foot characters, they just sat propped. I managed to read the script and received feedback that it was entertaining. Thank you for your service, chatbot AI.

Wednesday February 22nd

Title: "The acquaintanceship contract with James Connolly" ft. James Connolly

The acquaintanceship contract got a lot of giggles in its conception the night prior. Much of the humor was delightful sarcasm. I thought inviting Katie Berns to be the acquaintance would allow for a hilarious antagonistic force to take place. However, Katie brought too much realism to the performance for the comical irony to capture the concept in the same way as we had hoped. Because things weren't going as planned, I, as secretary, intervened trying to control the conversation. My failure to execute the character of secretary on the side only made the efficacy of the performance's original essence weaker.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday February 23rd

Title: "Line is Opposite to Bar"

Instructions: Move with a black, bungee cable. Reflect on the meaning behind this statement.

Why? The line is opposite to the bar. Meaning, the line is something we often don't want to cross, while the bar is something we hope to achieve. This transforms, however.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Verticality and horizontality became the representation of line versus bar for me.

Performance Write Up: It was a rainy day, and my good friend Nate was the only person present. By the end of the performance, I felt as though I had transformed bar into line and back into bar through a series of questioning thoughts. I spent a while creating the weight of the line as a stopping point. I spent less time with representing the "bar" due to the physicality of holding an object above head.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday February 24th

Title: "daydreams"

Instructions: paint the image of cows on green pastures under the sun.

Why? Kilikili has a show on this night requiring a large, painted image of cows on green pastures under the sun.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I've got a flower hat! The set up was extremely rushed, and those in attendance were able to witness me propping the fabric sheet up onto the black security gate outside and setting the paints up.

Performance Write Up: You can theatricize anything with the right pacing. I am not a great painter, and my cows were very inconsistent. 15 minutes is a bit of a race to accomplish a large-scale painting on an old bed sheet. It was windy and quick.

View on youtube here-->>

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