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Week 51 June 5 - 9

This week, the spirits and powers of peace, mouthwash, hot glue, wildfires, and flamenco practice were invoked.

Monday June 5


Instructions: Cultivate the energy of peaceful understanding

Why? The weekend brought with it disturbance.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Had this fabric leftover from “What are the riches of this world?

I may have used some of it for MALP costume and was planning to use it to make the caterpillar costume for the final Tenam.

Performance Write Up: One might imbue the fabric with energies leftover from the thrift store and those energies' interaction with the aforementioned bed piece. One may read these performances as connected or disconnected and/or notice the lines between reality and performance.

Tuesday June 6th

Title: "Mouthwash"

Instructions: Improvise sounds with mouthwash

Why? Singers love gargling.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I set up the audio with enough gain to pick up the classic swish and filled a glass with water. I figured my daily gargling would suffice as practice.

Performance Write Up:

This performance was so great for my throat, allowing mucous to form and clear the pathway. Reminiscent of “Drinking Water” for 15 minutes, it was me and a cup against the world.

Wednesday June 7th

Title: "Food coloring"

Instructions: Color using food.

Why? I cannot remember why this came up. I am writing this after a hiatus, and it is now Sept 2023.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I recall selecting dry items from Sergey's house. I recall being severely disappointed in myself about not having a plan.

Performance Write Up: The strange portal of reality we all opened that day by hot gluing food to a piece of paper brought me back to my childhood where I, inspecifically have the memory of this, same medium of craft. Handing the audience their janky, precious art is actually extremely endearing, and my negative vibes during that show can mostly be attributed to poor health and spiritual habits surrounding this time of my Iife.

Thursday June 8th

Title: "Today" Feat Zane Alexander and Ryan Ebaugh

Zane read a news article posted the day before this performance describing a fire taking place in LA and its reach of destruction. Ryan matched/was a vessel of/amplified Zane's projected vocal and postural energy throughout. They broadly structured the piece around this provocative happening of fire and further invoked its essence as well as the moment through their meditative and powerful sonic space.

Upon discussing the nature of the piece, Zane recalled a similar performance he did with Ryan called "The Termite" where he collected information on Termite damage from articles, YouTube, and Wikipedia to read the information while Ryan created termite-inspired sounds on his soprano sax.

These mixed media pieces are packed with creative opportunity, and the structured improvisational nature of them unlock beautifully emotive moments as crafted by the duo.

Friday June 9th

Title: "Work in Progress" Feat Carol Basilio

Carol Basilio is an active community member of the San Diego flamenco scene. Her performance was to rehearse new choreography and represent rehearsal and all its repetition, diligence, and centered focus. As audience members, we are invited into her personal, reactive space. By creating this performance, she both invites the audience to witness her as well as opens the possibility to be rooted for and affected by those present. Some of those in attendance are flamenco dancers, and they brought on cheers of jaleos . These dynamics highlight both the vulnerability of practicing in front of the gaze of others and the whole hearted communal well wishes that can only arise from allowing ourselves to be witnessed.

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