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Week 14 September 19 - 23

Monday September 19

Title:“No Betas”

Batya's Write Up

No Betas
Download PDF • 40KB

Tuesday September 20

Title:“Aloe Dip”

Instructions: walk in with chairs

  1. harvest aloe goop

  2. dip leslie's head in it

  3. spread on her scalp

  4. cover with plastic wrap

  5. stand up and aloe plus wrap more

Why? LOL. Leslie has dry scalp. Lexi once went to a spa where they coated her in something and wrapped her fully naked body in plastic wrap as an act of “thinning” her. LOL. Seemed appropriately triggering.

Rehearsal discoveries: Rehearsal was the process of formatting the timing for the instructions. We considered symmetry for the initial staging and moving the table in presentation of "THE DIP."

Wednesday September 21

Title:“Cuddle a pumpkin”

Instructions: see title.

Why? a statement made. a sentiment. a day or two of colder weather. reflecting on the colder weather and how it makes us want to find a cuddle buddy.

Rehearsal discoveries: 2 pillows feels like a bed. 5 min timer to keep me from moving straight into the cuddle. Nancy advised me of the opportunity for build up before the touch line is broken and we enter the cuddle space.

I called the smart and final ahead of time because I was planning on waking up at 9am and had no time to spare looking for pumpkins in places they could not be found. I asked them to check what size pumpkins they had, and graciously was told


to which I replied, “in relation to a basketball?”

To which he replied “basketball sized”

to which I replied, “Perfect. See ya soon.”

I was rushing to pick one up and didn’t realize my fly was open and my lipstick was a bit messed up and thick. I got a smirk sort of funny interaction with the same cashier and he sent me off with the remark, “Have a grateful day.”

Performance write up: Because of Nancy’s recommendation, and perhaps what may have happened anyways, I found myself looking over at the pumpkin at the start and imagining feelings of affection for it. The progression of my relationship with it involved some extremely sweet, sentimental spaces of thought.

I remembered past cuddling experiences. I remembered what it was like to look over at someone in a bed and worry about the future of our relationship. I remembered and felt feelings of safety and security built into the act of cuddling. I remembered and felt myself as a nurturer, as if the pumpkin was my beloved baby in the way can contain infantilization. There were moments I wanted to look at the sky, remembering blissful days in bed where there was nothing to do but enjoy the breeze through a window and the shimmering sunlight through sheer curtains.

Mostly, my inner dialogue moved conceptually through these spaces in ways such as “If this pumpkin was a beloved, I would think….” rather than “I actually love you, my dearest pumpkin.” Cuddling is so mammalian and gestures toward survival and community in special ways. Pumpkin is already a term of endearment. The performance was an experience, and it wrote itself.

Thursday September 22

Title:“Extended Reading” Feat. Katherine Berns

Katie printed a poem out in strips and unveiled it in chunks of single to two or 3 words by taping them to the sliding glass door. about 5min in, she began “Om”-ing for the rest of the duration.

This performance was about 22min instead of 15. I was conflicted at the passing of every additional second past 16min. This immediately spoke to constraints and the limits/containers we put on whatever creative situation. This is a common discussion amongst artists. Rules shmooles. Rules are also there to liberate. It’s a double edged sword.

Listen to the post performance audio here---->

Friday September 23

Title: “John Cage Memorial BBQ"

View on Youtube -->

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