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Week 27 December 19 - 23

Monday December 19

Title: Wallpaper feat Batya Macadam-Somer

View on Youtube --->

Tuesday December 20

Title: "witnessed the avalanche"

Instructions: sing your poem about witnessing an avalanche

Why? shared traumatic experiences in a poem format felt important.

Rehearsal: n/a

Performance Write Up: I am writing this on March 29th, and I don't remember what it was like to do this. I think I wanted to be melodic with the improv. I believe it felt undesired.

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Wednesday December 21

Title: "slitherin silky slippin' around"

Instructions: Wear the red silk pj set given to you by Katie. Slip around.

Why? Reality.

Rehearsal: Arranged the chairs in a way conducive to slippin' around

Performance Write Up: Great ass workout. Ameen thought so, too.

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Thursday December 22

Title: "pinecone"

Instructions: Go on witcha pinecone.

Why? Tis the season?

Rehearsal Notes: collected from Tierrasanta home.

Performance Write Up: How is this? Why? Do I exist? Why am I here?

View on Youtube ---->

Friday December 23

Title: Adios Blonde Lady

Instructions: Film yourself cutting the blonde off your hair.

Why? To cut the blonde off of hair and to go snowboarding.

Rehearsal: Sped up video to fit into 15min. Set up computer for Katie.

Performance Write Up: I can't believe how much generosity Katie has in her soul for me. I worry about these computer screen performances and the visibility to those in attendance.

View on Youtube ---->

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