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Week 29 January 2 - 6

Monday January 2nd

Title: Forward Pushing 2

Instructions: List adjectives based off memories from 2022

Why? First of the new year!

Rehearsal Discoveries: Purposely didn't overthink it. Wanted to try not repeating any adjectives.

Performance Write Up: I think I repeated an adjective or two. Few people were in attendance. I appreciate memory prompts for what they are.

View on Youtube ---->

Tuesday January 3rd

Title: NOBODY by Mitski

Natasha is dearly beloved.

She entered with a briefcase, scouting passion and catharsis. A loop, a world traveler, a music video, a truth seeker. She was brilliant as a lip syncing artisan, performing this song 4 times in a row. First with an endearing playfulness, secondly with an intimate drive, thirdly with an unchained relentlessness, and fourthly with headphones on while another song was playing, dripping with existential, heightened visceral expression. It was a dance party. I was bouncing, joyfully brought to tears, astounded by reality. She preferred not to have a full video taken of the performance, but here’s a glimpse of the radiance.

View some clips on Youtube ----->>>

Wednesday January 4th

Title: NOT ICE

Instructions: Draw freely. Make sounds with drawing.

Why? Graphic scores are kewl.

Rehearsal: Got some paper and a pencil. Set up headset mic. Gotta love that headset mic. Considered how fire is not ice.

Performance Write Up: People were interested in seeing the graphic scores and knowing which ones went along with the different melodic sets. I am referring to each page as a melodic set. That word makes sense to me. Since I did not show the pictures until after, there was an element of mystery to the audience. In the go pro video however, you can definitely make out the images pretty well and observe my pencil strokes as they align with vocalizations. I’ve always enjoyed how the videos on the inside are a completely different perspective than the outside performance.

View on Youtube ---->

Thursday January 5th

Title: Don't Worry Be Happy for 15 minutes

Instructions: Play don't worry be happy for 15minutes

Why? This concept sat waiting to be used since early Tenam. It was so stupid, to me. It still is. It always will be.

Rehearsal Notes: Looked up the chords. Mediocre musicianship ftw.

Performance Write Up: Vince was the only person in attendance. I stared the crap out of him, and development did ensue.

View on Youtube ---->

Friday January 6th

Title: the BLOB Feat. Christian Drugan, Leslie Fisher, and Lexi Pulido

Instructions: Cover Christian in many, many blankets until he is the BLOB

Why? Leslie's cozy idea.

Rehearsal: Strategized the head opening for Christian to not overheat since it was a hotter day than most. Conceived the idea Leslie and I would tag team the blanket placement.

Performance Write Up: Christian's little face sticking out of the blanket blob was so cute I wanted to kiss his cheeks. The sweet, smiley art of tucking in.

View on Youtube ---->

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