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Week 34 February 6 - 10

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

This week was full of messes.

Monday February 6th

Title: "The Reverent 15" ft. Lexi Pulido and Sergey Kolivayko

Instructions: 15 objects. 15 minutes. Go.

Why? Reverence on steroids.

Rehearsal Discoveries: No rehearsal. No objects from outside the studio were brought in.

Performance write up: Every object was Sergey's surprise. Some inspired faster and more chaotic movement and others inspired slower and more peaceful movement. Handing off intention between object determinant vs self determined intention makes for a playful dialogue. There were moments where the goal was to exist with the object and moments where the goal was to surpass the boundaries of what the objects should or should not do.

Decided to keep the objects there instead of handing them back, which accrued a mess over the span of 15 minutes. Ahhhh, messes.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday February 7th

Title: "Imagine That"

Instructions: Present Hostess treats on a platter while wearing a hostess outfit.

Why? Katie and I passed by some Hostess treats at the liquor store. I said, "Hey, imagine THAT."

Rehearsal Discoveries: Decided a hostess outfit would be appropriate and presentation on a platter is necessary.

Performance write up: Right off the bat, Janelle and Katie were looking at me laughing, and I had a hard time keeping the laughter down. I used some deep breaths to lower the giggles in my body, and by the time Nancy, Mish, and Ian showed up, I was more composed. If I had prepared with a deep breath, I think the whole performance could have been completed without the giggles. I didn't prep mentally out of distraction I was hanging with Katie.

I really enjoy making my friends laugh. I also really enjoy making a mess. Delightful.

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday February 8th

Title: "Sourface"

Instructions: Make sour faces by sucking on lemons.

Why? I have a Costco bag of lemons and I need to use them.

Rehearsal discoveries: I wanted to dissect the lemon. I wanted to be with the lemon, befriend the lemon, peel the lemon. There is something deeper about connecting with the lemon that is becoming the task.

Performance write up: Turns out the lemon needed to have its brain stabbed over and over.. Befriending the lemon to then stab it in the face is a tale of many. Once you have a smoothie of lemon-brain, one must suck. Also, I've been spending time with lemon peels more often in food and drink, which influenced my decisions to shave away at it.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday February 9th

Title: "Call for Dreamz"

Instructions: Randomly select people to call by refreshing Instagram feed. Call them, and ask them to recount their dreams.

Why? After "the pig and the wallflower," I've been talking to people about performing more reenactments of dreams. Had written the statement "call for dreamz" on my whiteboard, and I realized it would be an interesting performance concept.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Debated whether I was too eager or not to make and eat oatmeal during the performance. Got on stage at 9:59, and realized I had too many items. Grabbed a microphone stand to help.

Performance write up: Did not eat oatmeal during the performance. It just sat there in the shot. Figures. Many people don't answer when you call. Some people do. I've compiled the post responses here. Everybody else just said, 'Hey, why did you call?' and I didn't get back to them because I was annoyed they didn't listen to my voicemails. :)

Heather Nation:

View on youtube here-->>

Friday February 10th

Title: "Weight a minute"

Instructions: Doctor describes body mass index personified through character traits, feelings, and experiences.

Why? Sounded funny and a good reminder that humans are complex beings. More than just fat, muscle, cartilage, fascia. I have been gaining fat, maybe some muscle too. I have reached a point of being fine with it. In the past I was a brutal dickhead about having fat. I am a cow and a basket.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Just type what i say exactly, don't add other words. stop it


ok ready?


We discussed the instructions over coffee and a cigarette. We were vague about the task and gathered props on our own accord.

Performance write up: I immediately apologized to the audience after this performance. I critiqued Sergey's stage positioning and essentially chastised him for not 'cheating out' without actually describing what I meant. I was being an ass in front of three people I've never met before. Arthur, Nina, and Riley. Throughout my conversations, I interjected my apologies for being emotional and dumb. Sergey said he was not 'cheating out' out of spite. It unearthed a performance that could not have surfaced without so much failure. Ah, failure.

View on youtube here-->>

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