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Week 35 February 13 - 17

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

This week, we played with dangerous junk from an alleyway, signed James' petition, forgot one more thing, threw miso at the wall, and got hit by a piñata.

Monday February 13th

Title: "alleyway finds"

Instructions: Puppeteer and explore the alleyway finds.

Why? We found some stuff in an alleyway. Strange, elusive objects. Dangerous.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Threw the wicker dome chair piece and the mannequin head onto the stage and figured I would start inside the dome chair like a turtle.

Performance write up: The dome chair was dangerous, and I cut myself. I mostly dodged cutting myself. This performance required a critical eye for nails sticking out of a long tube of wicker. There's a lot of self trust in balance and critical eyes that I have had to develop. Performance art is about the moment, so of course it has some ninja requirements.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday February 14th

Title: "Petition in Support of James Pursuing Happiness for Creative and Experimental Endeavors. His Contributions to Humankind Will Be Ones of the Obscure Nature and Often Pointless, Seemingly Pointless" ft. James Connolly

It was a drizzly day. James began by playing "Eye of the Tiger" through the speaker. With a microphone in his hand and a long black trench coat on, he presented himself both vulnerably and satirically as a sort of political advocate for his own petition.

Everyone present signed. A woman who passed by on her bicycle was chased to the nearest stoplight. Her signature was almost acquired. James tallied his white board in seemingly pointless ways, either under the category TRIAL or ERROR. James was asked for clarity from George and was also asked whether he himself would sign his own petition. Will James support himself, too? Check out the petition here:

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday February 15th

Title: "One More Thing"

Instructions: Pretend you forgot something for the performance and keep going back to get just one more thing.

Why? LOL'd at the idea.

Rehearsal Discoveries: No rehearsal. Just going to try and come up with something. I felt nervous about the theatrical skill required for this piece to really translate well.

Performance write up: Most of the performance was unnerving out of the uncertainty for what I could potentially need. Some of it made sense sequentially, such as a cushion on which to sit and a pencil and paper on which to write. I did not mic myself for the audience, but in the video you can hear my attempts at discovering what objects could be next. I thought speaking out loud would help me discover more effectively.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday February 16th

Title: "you make me wanna"

Instructions: Make sushi and miso. Drink "sake". Mic for ASMR purposes. In the last few minutes, throw miso at the wall.

Why? We were roller skating and talking about the future of 10AM and concepts in the world. I said out loud in a heart roaring thunder, "You make me wanna eat sushi, drink sake, and throw miso at the wall!"

Rehearsal Discoveries: We really just set up the station and sound checked. We never even talked about how to properly make sushi, but we did make the rice sticky ahead of time.

Performance write up: This performance could have been more delicate, but it was full of cracks in the peaceful space of confident knowing. When I initially envisioned it, I thought that space of knowing would translate more, but the fundamental issue was not knowing how to make miso or sushi, from my perspective. I guess Sergey had experience making sushi and miso so it was probably different for him.

From the get-go, peace was broken. I mistakenly turned on the mic before closing the door, and since it was supposed to be ASMR, feedback ensued. I am reminded of Wabi-sabi since this is all from Japanese culture. In our hearts and minds, we can dream of all of the performances that would have been.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday February 17th

Title: "Reverse Piñata"

Instructions: The piñata hits you.

Why? While hanging out with Michelle and Sergey this idea emerged and we found it hilarious.

Rehearsal Discoveries: We needed to create a reason for this ridiculous happening, so I constructed the concept of a gameshow where someone would have to stay in place to be hit by the piñata. Initially James was supposed to come, but he bailed and it was fine, we didn't need him. Leslie came dressed as an assistant to James so that was the inspiration for her outfit. She ended up being the host. I decided to mic myself to translate the inner dialogue of the scenario.

Performance write up: Surprisingly there were two children present for this. One of them was a random passerby and the other a regular. Feeling the presence of children while performing creates a certain type of restriction of appropriateness. Interestingly enough, there are some extremely inappropriate behaviors that still qualify as appropriate in the general public performance world, such as hysterical crying and violent piñata choking.

View on youtube here-->>

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