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Week 37 February 27 - March 3

This week was a consequence of having a brother, desire to become a bug, last-minute friends who are down, and a very tangled slinky.

Monday February 27th

Title: "Brosephian"

Instructions: Write a love-letter style song for your brother on his birthday, then call him and sing it to him.

Why? My brother's birthday

Rehearsal Discoveries: set up the mic and did not record video. I think I had forgotten the go pro or something.

Performance Write Up: I guess I just went for train of thought, frank language and comfy chords. Apparently, my brother never got the voice message even though I definitely left it. Alas.

Tuesday February 28th

Title: "It's the light"

Instructions: Be a moth, flowing without desire until the light turns on, pumping fire through your veins.

Why? This is just simple cause and effect. I would prefer a large, open field with 20-50 people all dressed as moths and a giant light. However, this single person concept was worth exploring.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Sergey agreed to turn the light on and off. I chose some flowing fabric and conceptualized how to best juxtapose the on and off.

Performance Write Up: I am out of shape.

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday March 1st

Title: "wifi symbol"

I think I had run into Peter the day before, and I'm always looking for some friends to join. I have a record of texting him at 9AM asking to come ASMR with me. I was very excited to see his box of goodies. He arrived with a collection of trinkets, tools, and object of various textures. We explored. There is much to say about the beauty of exploration and all its possibilities.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday March 2nd

Title: "The Things You Asked Me To Do" Feat. Michelle Arneson

Michelle sweetly subbed for me, as I had a doctor's appt.

Michelle spoke notecard-written statements, then responded with wooden flute. The statements are charged with romantic-familial notions of love, the relatable journey through which we all discover questions of self and life practices. Her flute playing is dynamic, sometimes smooth and light and other times quick-paced and full of force. We can wonder and assume her playing to be responsive to her statements. At one point, Michelle moves a cigarette behind the white vase with the petal-less rose that had been sitting in the studio. One of the statements seems to be derived from Katie Berns' "GIVE UP" sign, a relic of her "clau" performance last year. Following her statement about eyes, she swapped her responsive flute with eye motion, leaving room for contemplation.

Throughout her performance, Arneson is grounded in her cross-legged seat, present and firm in her delivery of statements, and pensive in her flute melodies. There are multiple occasions of Arneson moving the floral object present in the scene, creating a sense of transformation and newness.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday March 3rd

Title: "Detangled"

Instructions: Attempt to detangle the slinky. Vocalize exploration, sorrow, frustration, and the like.

Why? Maybe 15 solid minutes of sincere work could detangle this darn slinky.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Set up a chair, figuring the ground of a seat would assist in simplification of the task.

Performance Write Up: A good chunk of people were present, and it was a fun time. I heard from someone they were glad I was unable to cut the slinky with wire cutters. I probably should have turned the volume of this one down a bit more than I had left it. At one point, I expressed frustration using the graduation song. It's delightful to be surprised by such ways the subconscious ties together ideas and feelings. You never know where you'll end up.

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