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Week 38 March 6 - 10

This week, white flies got scraped off the vegetation flesh of the beloved studio pothos, teeth were brushed, memory was called upon, a melodica was breathed through, and a super giant vape was brought to life.

Monday March 6th

Title: "Everything will be fine. Everything will be just fine."

Instructions: Clean up the pothos plant from its white fly infestation. Tell it "Everything will be fine." Loop the vocals.

Why? Initially, I think this statement was going to be used as some kind of ironic global warming piece. It was called upon recently as a statement of truth and hope. Great symbolism lies in nurturing the broken, infested, and overlooked.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Conceptualized the long loop. Checked to see if I understood that loop pedal Peter left for me to use. I still had doubts.

Performance Write Up: The doubts about the loop pedal made for a few hiccup moments where I was unsure whether or not the loop was recording. There was no light to signal that recording was taking place no matter what I did, so concern for this ensued. Nonetheless, repeating the phrase "Everything will be fine" is a built-in soothing element. Experiencing the back and forth energies of concern for the plant and the notion 'everything will be fine' was an internal dance.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday March 7th

Title: "Stylish Hand"

Instructions: Brush teeth with a stylish hand.

Why? Sounded funny and awkward.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Took a moment to consider how to diversify this.

Performance Write Up: I had Nancy's concept in my head back from when I did "Cuddle a Pumpkin." She spoke about how there is time before the initial contact where you can dig into the gravitational energy between yourself and the subject. Since I began without the toothbrush in my mouth, Nancy's voice came to mind. However, my inner dialogue was slightly in disagreement, imagining I should be doing more adventurous things with it already in my mouth.

At one point a child and mother stopped by. Brushing your teeth is completely G rated before you start doing "extra" things, even when you still mean for it to look G rated. I mean, they left not too long in probably because it's boring or uncomfortable or both. People are always looking to be impressed if they are to be interrupted. Brushing teeth in extra ways is grotesque. Which witch is which?

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday March 8th


Instructions: Remember anything. Speak out loud what to remember.

Why? Exercise for the imagination.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Took a moment to consider how to diversify memory concepts. Choosing specific memories and their details.

Performance Write Up: This performance was transformed much by the call and response that ensued by Shark Guy Dinosaur's presence (a local toddler brought in attendance by the wonderful Janelle from "Storytime: Aaron Slater Illustrator" performance). What changed mostly was the tone. Intention of energy shifted. This is a great example of performer-audience interplay creating performance trajectory. It's nice to examine these roles and where responsibility lies for performance "success." It's all a conversation. How to open. How to listen.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday March 9th

Title: "Breathin'"

Instructions: Do breathing exercises while playing James' 70's Hohner Melodica.

Why? To breathe.

Rehearsal Discoveries: A decision to not be critical about notes played.

Performance Write Up: Forgot to charge gopro battery. Began semi-frantically grabbing iphone to record video. Utilized a 2 beat inhale with changing exhale lengths. Only passerby's as audience. Success? I breathed.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday March 10th

Title: "Big O' Vape"

Instructions: Use fog machine and some constructed vape object to simulate a gigantic vape. Pretend to vape with it while having a casual conversation.

Why? I own a fog machine.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Chatted about what we might chat about what we might chat about what we might chat about

Sergey arrived at 9:58am to briefly "rehearse" the cue concept for fog machine use.

Performance Write Up: I wish Sergey had arrived earlier for us to try out the fog machine visual concepts. We found things out on the spot about how the fog machine liquid was filled too low, and there were moments Sergey had to angle the machine to make use of the rest of the liquid. This obviously forced my vape exhale to be angled as well. There was a moment I noticed he wasn't there as I was going to exhale, and I think it was because he was refilling it. After the performance, we stuck an actual vape into the mouth hole of the "big o vape," and realized that would have been a hilarious adaptation, too. The puffs from actual vapes can be made gigantic enough. We have since gone around publicly on a few occasions with the combination.

View on youtube here-->>

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