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Week 39 March 13 - 17

This week began with a 15 minute meditation (arguably most of these are, but this one's deliberate) followed by a duel between plastic snake and a San Diego lady on a mission, some ridiculous worm embodiment, improvised recordings, and finally, the nourishing daily act of togetherness between mother and child.

Monday March 13th

Title: "Bath Time."

Instructions: play the singing bowl for 15minutes

Why? inner peace. meditation. challenge of focus and body.

Rehearsal Discoveries: n/a

Performance Write Up: Mistakes. Anxiety. Relaxation. Wrist fatigue. Left handed technique never before used until wrist fatigue. Invitation to meditate. Thoughts on assumptions.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday March 14th

Title: "Hot Curtain Rods"

Instructions: Prep the ceiling curtain rods from Amazon by melting them straighter.

Why? A task that needs to get done. Plus, this object is fascinating in that it is longer than the human body and bendable.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Set up a a power extension for the heat gun. Wondered if the lights and the heat gun coming from the same socket would be an issue with power. Continued onward just fine.

Performance Write Up: I decided at some point to switch from being task oriented to being more awestruck and playful. This was part of the plan anyways I imagine, but then again, there wasn't much of a plan. It seemed like the object would speak to me of what it wants and what it might be able to do. I made use of the ceiling hooks which were brilliantly helpful in displaying the magnificence of the object.

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday March 15th

Title: "I am worm"

Instructions: Be the worm

Why? I love bug embodiment exercises. It's been raining a lot, and the worms have come out.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Made an audio track the night before. I believe this was a weird night for reasons undisclosed, and I got disrupted. I finished the track in the morning. I exported, ran out the door, and arrived with a limited amount of time to set up. I listened to the track on the way over, planning the moves that would align with it. I dug through items in the studio, saw the napkins and assigned them as a representation of rain. "Any placeholder will do," I supposed. I also wanted to not be a worm the entire time, so when I saw the candle skull, I realized it was a great representation for foreshadowing the worm being poked to death. I also love the challenge of a costume change, one person show. I never rehearsed the worm movements, but I figured I would just know what to do. A simple pink pipe cleaner became the representation of the worm later. I also wanted to get messy, so dirt was a layer.

I remember now, part of the track was Sergey asking me to make a worm song speaking attempt in a cute voice. This was edited as part along with other guitar and vocal layers.

Performance Write Up: This definitely had some difficult layers to execute. I really wanted that dirt bucket to end up on my head so I could stand for a wormy representation, and I worked my little worm butt off to make it happen. Changing back into the initial outfit was a hilarious transformation to embody, and I could feel the dirt trapped inside my pants. I also put the shirt on inside out.

Note: "Playful child with the skull of death" concept is riveting.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday March 16th

Title: "Making a song in front of people'" Feat. Katie Berns

Katie Berns set up a live song making scenario. She draped a blue semi-opaque sheet atop her head and began to record a white noise crunchy sound followed by layers of ambient, round vocals to her DAW. The harmonic landscape was sweetly major with a looped resolution, facilitating peacefulness. Berns unearthed lyrical exploration with phrases that seem to sound as "It doesn't have to make sense" and "I never make sense." She followed up with mixing and editing, creating a more distinct audio track for the layers. Her decision to face away from the audience put her audio exploration in focus.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday March 17th

Title: "Hare" Feat Rainbow Kimono and daughter, Dusty


March 17 2023


Presenting connection through ritual

Magic in the mundane, a daily loving act between mother and child of hair brushing

A simple repetitive action represents cleansing energy for the new season, the Equinox and the arrival of spring

Hare as a compound of hair and care

but also pulling in the significance of the hare symbolizing the goddess Ostara awakening from her underground wintery slumber

The hare appears in many myths and folklore tales

In one legend the hare brought the goddess a humble offering of a decorated egg snd Ostara so adored it she made the hare the symbol of the spring gateway

Other related stories tell of the hare laying decorated eggs leading us to the modern day Easter bunny

The hare is an ancient symbol of fertility and life.

In the Middle Ages, along with certain other enigmatic creatures they were linked to witchcraft.

View on youtube here-->>

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