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Week 41 March 27-31

This week was frickin epic. Check 'em all out, holy moly. Lucy's birthday clownery, a satanic marriage to salad, Shark Guy Dinosaur's balloon popping, Natasha's garlic stomping, and Robyko's crowded elevator!

Monday March 27th

Title: "yes yay" Feat. The greatest most bestest person

Instructions: Clown on Lucy Loop the clown

Why? It's her birfday, and Nancy had the idea to get her in a chair and do things to/for/with/at her.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I have a variety of random objects in a box in my car that will be useful. Solving the problem of how to get her in the chair was why the button came out. I recorded it a minute or so before 10AM, first take and go. Deciding on the use of the wooden face flute for dramatic shifts and the concept of feeding her a stick of butter was calling upon the ridiculous for sensations of hilarity.

Performance Write Up: What a great time and reason to make use of old props and push the creative opportunity space forward. Using my singing as a storytelling background meant communicating via words often as opposed to typical, mime-style, silent clowning. I accidentally left a book inside the box of balloons I dropped on Lucy's head from Jenessa's "trickle" performance, and it, regretfully did hit her on the head, not such a nice birthday surprise.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday March 28th

Title: "Salad Dedication" Feat. Christian Drugan and Lexi Pulido

Instructions: Marry salad

Why? I have never been this fat in my life. Stress created binge eating. Hanging out with meat lovers too much and forfeiting standards of balance for too long.

Rehearsal Discoveries: My mom, Julianne Pulido prepped all the salad parts for this show. When I asked Christian to be the priest, he wanted to be a satanic priest. I said, "Yes, of course Christian." I gave Christian the cue to come out when he saw me passed out on the floor from passionate, salad overwhelm.

Performance Write Up: I thoroughly enjoyed this show, and for weeks after, those in attendance reminded me about my dedicated anytime I was eating meat or mentioned I hadn't had salad yet that day. I made an effort to pack salads for lunch for the next couple of weeks, which has now (it is July I am writing this) turned into a balanced diet and healthier energetic levels. :) Cute.

View on youtube here-->>

Wednesday March 29th

Title: "Balloon Pop" Feat. Shark Guy Dinosaur

For months, Shark Guy Dinosaur sat in attendance of numerous 10AM's until the day his nanny, Janelle said to me, "Shark Guy has an idea for a performance." Yes, Shark Guy Dinosaur, anything and everything.

On this day, March 29th, Shark Guy did pop many colorful balloons. We lost count pretty early in, but it was not the amount that mattered so much as the dramatized and delighted performance by Shark Guy. Of course, watching a 4 year old pop balloons with gusto is a magic in itself, and on top of the task, Shark Guy Dinosaur also utilized moments of clownery and timing. He would sometimes pause to look at the audience before a pop. He chose sitting on balloons as a consistent procurement method. He brought his trusty screwdriver and party music playlist. His motivation to complete the task had him popping balloons a wee bit past the 15 minute timer, so we all cheered him to the finish line!

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday March 30th

Title: "Garlic is for Lovers" Feat. Natasha Kozaily

Natasha's beautifully articulated write up

Download PDF • 2.34MB

View on youtube here-->>

Friday March 31st

Title: "Elevator" Feat. ROBYKO and Friends

Just a casual elevator ride full of casual looking people with casual looking intentions until suddenly, things go awry and these elevator riders need rescuing! Will this elevator repair person be able to fix this device and return everyone to their journeys?









View on youtube here-->>

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