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Week 49 May 22 - 26

For some reason, this blog has been complete but I have yet to post it. I may or may not notice later there id incomplete or incompatible content.

The following text was written at the start of this week

In my health journey, I have reached a point where my physical body being okay is the only thing that matters, and there is no time for stress. Alas, the performances are going to be easy unless I am deeply inspired to create or do something with more time. I also have a big MALP gig on Thursday that I need to prepare props for, so energy will go into the bare minimum tasks and performances will be healing/useful in some way to me. I never began this project to entertain anyone, just to learn and be helpful to myself. I also wanted to share that others could use the space that way, but I have had a difficult time keeping up with networking and community involvement beyond the kind souls who just come out to support.

The following text was written July 19 2023

Hi. Mon+Tues were written the week of. Wed-Fri are written now. The tone of the above feels stark to me now.

Monday May 22nd

Title: "Expansive Breath"

Instructions: Guide everyone in this breathing exercise. Play a sounding metronome.

Why? Didn't prepare anything and on the drive over, thought it was either this or guided vocal exercises teaching myself sort of thing. I decided this is a more inclusive offering.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Was rushing the set up quite a bit. Started 2 minutes late, even.

Performance Write Up: I found out by the time we got to 8 or 9 that I needed to describe the method better. I was struggling with the breath as a supposed "professional" vocalist, so how can I expect others to do it successfully? I questioned before beginning whether or not the 15 was physically possible for myself given the circumstances. There are many variables such as the chairs being present for others, my anxious concern for the audience's breathing, the heat of the lights on me creating the sensation of sweaty warmth, and everyone's personal, physical awareness. I could've just had an instructional moment to start and avoided getting to 15. The decision to create the write-up above was a way that I thought I wouldn't need it. However, as you can see in the video, I began gesturing the audience ways to fix their breathing technique. Much of the intention for this piece failed due to poor planning and lack of intention. Am I teaching? Am I demonstrating? Am I committed to the breath being lined up exactly? I should have made the instructional elements more obvious and left room for correction if I wanted to accomplish sharing this exercise well.

View on youtube here-->>

Tuesday May 23rd

Title: "The Great Salvation is the Practice"

Instructions: Compose harmony for a concept diddy from yesterday

Why? The title is enough of an art piece in itself. Live composition has been used a few times already at tenam because I like composing. Also, the original intention of this project aligns with celebrating how the great salvation is the practice.

Rehearsal Discoveries: did attempt to get a head start at 9:58 by listening back to the audio track

Performance Write Up: It's a gloomy day, and no one came. This is good. With these personal task-based shows, I am usually hoping no one comes. Lately, I have had consistently at least one person at the shows which completely transforms how they end up. I did some speaking, but barely, and I'm sure I would have spoken more if people were present. It really got to be a display of my actual process. Perhaps in the future, I'll do a time-lapse of my facial expressions while composing or of someone's face. What I would find most interesting about witnessing composition is the difference of demeanor between people.

This performance is a perfect comparative piece to the "again with the whiteboards" show where I have a larger audience to acknowledge. Acknowledgement of an eye completely changes the outcome. We know this from the electron slit experiment, ignored rice of Masaru Emoto, and beyond.

Wednesday May 24th

Title: "Tapping on the stage"

Instructions: Set up mic on stage with the ASMR high gain level setting and tap dat stage.

Why? I don't remember exactly. It is July 23 2023. I think I had no other ideas of what to do last minute. I also remember wanting to do a performance without showing my face.

Rehearsal Discoveries: n/a

Performance Write Up: Rhythm at the start of the day could very well aid in the process of digestion. Rhythm here for you to hear on youtube, could very well aid in the process of steady breathing. Tapping could very well aid in the process of bringing more blood flow into the fingers. All is weird and well in the land of Tenam.

View on youtube here-->>

Thursday May 25th

Title: "What is clap"

Instructions: Clap things together.

Why? Everything is clap.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Collected various items from the studio that could potentially deliver a clap. Arranged them on the wooden platform bench thing I use for a lot of shows.

Performance Write Up: Some great tools appeared to me during the performance. Figured I should start with clapping, which became a call and response for the audience present, who were very down for the task. Anytime call and response is utilized with an audience, the energy gets to play catch and be stirred. It was the perfect refreshment for transitioning.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday May 26th

Title: *Title forgotten*

Instructions: Play with the leftover, cardboard nest from MALP's performance at WNDR with Connect San Diego.

Why? Needed something to do and had so much painted, leafy shaped cardboard.

Rehearsal Discoveries: Planned to tape the nest to the ceiling like stalactites so got out tape. Figured cutting away at it could be fun, so got out scissors.

Performance Write Up: 10AM struck suddenly, and I played hard. It was all wndr. A little poise plus random do-anythings is a strategy to get up and go.

View on youtube here-->>

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