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Week 26 Dec 12 - 16

Monday December 12

Title :“Clouds” Ft. Batya Macadam-Somer

Listen to the post-performance audio description here:

View on Youtube ---->

Tuesday December 13

Title: “Dance Party with...”

Instructions: Dance with someone, something, I don't know.

Why? I like dancing.

Rehearsal discoveries: I had a Baby Bushka dance rehearsal following the tenam performance. Natasha participated. She had the idea that we should keep our feet in the same spot the whole time.

Performance Write Up: I realized my stance was slightly too narrow to allow for the range of movement I desired, so I widened it a little. We became like seaweed. We syncronized into a lot of complimentary movements after beginning pretty independently.

Wednesday December 14

Title: “Massage guns are great”

Instructions: Talk about how great massage guns are.

Why? Massage guns are great. I love them, I've bought them for quite a few of my loved ones at this point because they're so great.

Rehearsal discoveries: I set up a headset mic and decided to channel a three-am sales person on TV. I was doing the selling without the capital aspect of it. I got my anatomy book out to look at muscle groups to use and think about them.

Performance Write Up: Nobody came, but it was a great success. I felt great about how great massage guns are and I said most of the points I believe in about why they're so great. The challenging aspect was feeling like one of those people at Costco who hand out snacks.

View on Youtube ---->

Thursday December 15

Title: “Sacrifice”

Instructions: Share the Baby Bushka rehearsal set up with Tenam audience via FaceTime from Kalabash.

Why? This was the very first remote performance. Natasha convinced me to do it, so I could be more present for the final Baby Bushka rehearsal the day before our gig at the Music Box. The Tenam in-person performance was being sacrificed for the rehearsal. The word sacrifice is intense.

Rehearsal discoveries: The interpersonal process of being radically honest with Natasha around not wanting to sacrifice the tenam performance brought many things to light. I had assumed she would know that, but she did not. Honesty is relieving.

Performance Write Up: I felt gratitude to Katie for supporting this remote performance. It is unfortunate we did not fully discuss a plan for computer screen visibility.

View on youtube here-->>

Friday December 16

Title: “Waffle Quilt"

Instructions: Make a quilt of waffles.

Why? Hilarious. Nutritious, delicious. Colorful with food coloring. Katie says is was her idea. She's probably right. I don't remember.

Rehearsal Discoveries: I had to go to two supermarkets to find food coloring. Making waffles was its own grand experience. The green, the pink, the purple, and the blue. I planned to use fishing wire to connect them, and I hoped by adding extra eggs that the waffles would be more dense. I didn't have time to pick up the fishing wire from Nancy and decided string would be sufficient.

Performance Write Up: I was wrong about the string, and even fishing wire might not have held the waffles together. Leslie and I tried to pick it up, and it all fell to pieces. Also, Peter and Brady had expressed interest in participating and I forgot that they would be there until they arrived. It was a great surprise because they provided the audio landscape which consisted of electronic keys. It was awesome, it was like a weird video game. It was momentous, and rightfully so, because it was the celebration of 25 weeks of performance. I am still not sure right now if this was actually week 26. I think it is, we will find out soon. I wish Leslie and I had discussed our technique ahead of time. Fifteen minutes was a race to the finish line with this task.

View on youtube here-->>

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